This portable solar powered charger earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it charged devices the fastest and was the most durable. The Best model recharged an iPhone up to 6X faster than lesser models and recharged an iPhone battery from zero to full capacity 2.8 times before requiring a recharge itself, unlike other devices that could not fully recharge an iPhone once. Unlike other chargers that were not waterproof, The Best model did not sustain any damage when submerged under water for one hour or when dropped repeatedly from 5′, thanks to its durable construction of polycarbonate and automotive-grade urethane. The Best model has a built-in, adjustable stand that allows the integrated solar panel to be repositioned for optimal sunlight collection and comes with seven adapters for powering virtually any smartphone, e-reader, camera, or an iPad. Recharges in 12 hours of full sunlight or via built-in USB port with included adapter.

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