Simply plug your MP3 player into this fantastic little speaker for powerful bass and brilliant sound. This portable music speaker allows you to share your music wherever you go! Take it to skateboarding parks, picnics, friend’s houses and more. The MP3 and iPod Speaker Amp also allows you to listen to music direct from your computer and comes with a USB lead. By powering your Speaker Amp through your computer, you also save on battery life! With bass, treble and volume control, you can get the best out of your MP3’s and listen to them on a speaker that rocks! Don’t let your stylish music player down by a crummy looking speaker system, grab one of our MP3 and iPod Speaker Amps for the ultimate in MP3 accessories! Whether you are sharing your bands tracks with friends or just need a cool speaker for your laptop, the MP3 and iPod Speaker Amp is a fantastic choice – the ideal rock n’ roll gift for him.

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