Unlike other quad bikes, this touring pedal-cycle allows adults in the rear to steer, accommodating up to four riders. Made in the Netherlands, where cycling routes span the country’s length and breadth, the quadracycle has twin rear seats equipped with pedals that power its rear drive train forward and backward. With a maximum speed of 10 MPH under its maximum 550 lb. load, the cycle rolls on four 17″ aluminum wheels and treaded, pneumatic rubber tires, suitable for pavement, sidewalks, or smooth ground. With a low center of gravity for reliable and consistent stability through turns, the left pedaler controls the cycle’s rack-and-pinion steering with a wheel and stops the cycle with a handbrake. Two forward seats allow passengers a full view of the surroundings while secured with lap belts; a foot well secures younger riders’ feet while horizontal bars accommodate shorter legs for comfort.

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