These are the patented ski goggles with a built-in wireless intercom that allows skiers to speak to each other during a day of schussing. The goggles employ a Bluetooth transceiver with a 1,600-foot range, so up to six like-equipped friends can discuss slope conditions, an individual’s whereabouts, or just après-ski plans. A bone conduction microphone built into the goggles’ frame delivers clear speech without the wind-whipped garbling of an external microphone and a standard 1/8″ jack lets you plug in your preferred earphones. The goggles connect wirelessly to a smartphone for music on the moguls, or for automatic voice answering of incoming calls. Large buttons at the temples allow even gloved hands to adjust volume, handle phone calls, or activate intercom mode. The mirror-coated black lens blocks 100% of harmful UV rays, with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

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