This is the only fully suspended turntable in the world that uses dual counter-rotating platters to eliminate the troublesome sonic aberrations generated by common consumer models. Winner of the Best Sound High Fidelity award from the renowned Munich High End, the largest high-end audio show in the world, it provides the lowest noise floor of any turntable available. Isolated from the turntable’s bottom platform with Viton/silicone composite o-rings that dampen all mechanical and environmental vibration, twin plinths made from a sonically “dead” composite each secure a precisely machined 30-lb. aluminum platter. As a vinyl record rests atop the top-most, clockwise-spinning platter, the bottom rotates counter-clockwise to cancel torsional forces that otherwise cause fluctuations in rotational speed and distort music. The inverted twin-bearing design of the platter assembly reduces torque-induced drag while double hydraulic insulation provides further dampening. Two Swiss-made DC motors deliver imperceptibly quiet, linear power to the platters, monitored every two rotations by optical sensors that relay rotational speed (33.3 and 45 rpm) to a sophisticated CPU controller that adjusts voltage to the motors in real time, ensuring consistent speed stability.

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