This is a refurbished working pair of original World War II 10×80 flak binoculars made between 1936-1945. While the most common models available were made by Emil Busch A.G. in Rathenow, Germany, others, such as those by Leinz and Schneider, have also surfaced. Typically placed atop German flakturm–looming concrete flak towers still visible today in modern Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna–these binoculars worked in concert with rangefinders and searchlights to direct anti-aircraft defense batteries by spotting Allied bombers. Its twin 80mm doublet objective lenses afforded a wide field of view and large exit pupil for optimal dusk or nighttime observation. Two Schmidt-Pechan roof prisms placed the two 10X Erfle eyepieces at a 45º angle, making the binoculars perfectly suited for extended aerial observation. Its body is a robust, single aluminum casting–an example of precise optical engineering today considered too complicated and expensive to implement. Some models still retain an original serial number and wartime code (e.g. cxn for Busch models)–codes supplanted manufacturer names to obscure factory locations for thwarting future Allied mission planning.

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